Drillereye designs, produces and installs video surveillance systems for land and off-shore RIGS.

Our solutions guarantee operators easier, safer and faster management of their activities, thanks to constant monitoring of all areas of the drilling plant.

We offer CCTV systems working STAND ALONE (ATEX cameras, control panel and monitor) or integrated into RIG control systems, to guarantee the safety, security and profitability of the drilling RIG everywhere and in all the conditions, even the worst ones.

Our solutions can be installed quickly either on newly-built RIGs or on existing ones, even during refurbishment.
We provide assistance and support 24/7.


Drillereye is the Oil & Gas division of EKOTEC Sistemi S.r.l, a leading company in industrial automation, security and safety as well as integrated control systems  since 1980.
EKOTEC Sistemi is a system integrator and has always supplied customized and turnkey solutions,  from design right up to the final system startup, in lots of industrial applications.
This consolidated experience has led to DRILLEREYE creation, the division which develops CCTV systems capable to operate in all kinds of environments and in all the conditions. DRILLEREYE looks after systems design and production phases:

·    feasibility studies
·    design
·    construction
·    installation


Five reasons to choose DRILLEREYE

    Our solutions have been installed on land and off-shore RIGs. The experience gained in the field has enabled us to optimise our systems, to guarantee continuous operations in difficult environments and in critical conditions. Our systems are tested to withstand extreme temperatures and the harsh mechanical stresses typical of drilling.
    We provide stand-alone and integrated systems which are also explosion proof and vibration proof. Thanks to our systems, we can continually monitor the critical RIG areas to ensure optimal operational and safety performance. Key areas include:

    • BOP area
    • Driller floor
    • Racking and Casing board
    • Shaker
    • Drillers Cabin

    We are fully aware that assembly and dismantling the Rig is a critical and non-productive operation, to be carried out rapidly. We deliver our systems ready for operation: just to position the devices, to insert the connection plugs and to power on the system. Our connection cables and electrical panels are plug-&-play, and our components allow for quick use by all operators. The software developed by Drillereye is extremely user-friendly, to reduce operator learning times as much as possible.
    Our solutions are quickly applicable even to existing RIGs.
    The systems can be controlled and set also through our tele-management service, active 24/7.


    It is the basic requirement of each part of the drilling RIGs to avoid any downtime. Guided by this priority, our R&D team puts the reliability at the centre of the design process.
    We select the best components on the market and we assemble them with our technicians. Thanks to our know-how, we have developed original solutions to equip our cameras with effective vibration proof systems. Each system is submitted to strict performance tests in laboratories before delivery, to guarantee reliability even in extreme conditions. All our components are made in Italy or Europe.


    To be on time in terms of delivery is an essential condition in a market in which the return on investment (ROI) is a mark of success. DRILLEREYE always works in compliance with the agreed schedules and the allocated budget. We deliver turnkey systems ready to be used in the installation sites, within the established time frame.


    The integrated Drillereye control system is designed to be fit to our clients, to meet their specific surveillance needs. Our systems are compliant with the required legislative and technical standards. Thanks to the user-friendliness of our systems, one single operator in the cabin can view the function of the entire drilling plant and control the cameras through clear and immediate commands.
    Drillereye solutions guarantee excellent operating results and a remarkable increase in economic sustainability, for RIGs of different kinds and sizes.

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